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They Never Saw it Coming

Todd and Cindy never saw it coming. Out of nowhere, Todd had a stroke and had to be admitted to a hospital. A few short months later, Todd had to be admitted to a nursing home because Cindy could no longer care for him on her own.

Their children were spread across four different states with families of their own to care for. They couldn't help much, if at all.

Before they knew it, Cindy went through $225,000 of their life savings in less than two years to meet Todd's needs. Neither traditional health insurance nor Medicare would pay for Todd's long-term nursing home costs. Everything that they had spent their whole lives building was now gone.

Sadly, what Todd and Cindy didn't know was that they could have prevented their life savings from being lost - If only they had taken the time to find out how.

Todd and Cindy could have kept all of their money and Todd could have continued to receive the care that he needed. Todd and Cindy could have LEGALLY protected their hard earned savings with proper advice and adequate Long-Term Care Planning.

What happened to Todd and Cindy doesn't have to happen to you and your family.

Current legislation makes it possible for you to protect your assets against devastating Long-Term Care expenses. It's crucial for you and your family to get the facts, find out how to use current legislation to your advantage, and begin planning for the future now.

Wright & Associates' Long-Term Care Planning division can provide you and your family with all of the information necessary to protect what's yours. Call today to schedule a free consultation when you mention Todd and Cindy's story.

Don't Wait! - it's your life savings that are at risk!

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